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About Us

We are a club that tries to challenge students to get really really good at problem solving. There is a very low entry barrier to getting started. Our meetings will introduce fun twists on classical algorithms, and provide interesting problems to work on your problem-solving abilities. Many recruits find the difficulty barrier daunting, but after continued exposure, problems that used to seem impossible will seem almost trivial!


The Competitive Programming Club at Ohio State ("CPC") is aimed at supporting students to participate in programming contests, and other events including hackathons, research, and open-source.


Anyone can to meetings, but to be considered an official member and get relevant benefits, you will need to commit to coming to all non competition meetings and fill out the form here.


We hold weekly meetings in Fall and Spring semesters. The qualifier round of yearly ACM-ICPC is also held by us. Finally, we gather groups and discuss competitions such as Google Hash Code, Google Code Jam, Battlecode, and CMIMC.

Our Events

Weekly Meetings + Programming Contests

You may need to bring a laptop for some meetings (It will be announced in emails)

Weekly Challenges

  • ACM-ICPC problems or engineering problems
  • Work in a team on programming challenges during meetings
  • Get help from upperclassmen as you work
  • Review of challenges during weekly meetings

Team Competitions

  • Hold ACM-ICPC Qualifier (NAQ) every October
  • Train and send 3 of 3 teams to East-Central NA Regional Contest
  • OSU team entered ACM-ICPC World Final in 2016
  • Occasional OSU-only competition


Alex Li - President

Chris Kimmel - Vice President

Yifan Zhu - Treasurer